About Louise Alaniz
A central-California native, Louise started
her first horse under saddle at age 13.  In
high school, she competed locally on
hunter-jumpers.  In college,
she trained
draft horses on both coasts.  After college
she studied dressage.

Louise was assistant trainer at Summit
Equestrian Center in Los Gatos, CA for four
years, and then proprietor and head
trainer there for another seven years.  
During that time her focus shifted from
dressage to “natural” horsemanship in its
many guises.  Her single most influential
trainer since 2001 has been Ray Berta of
Carmel Valley.  He showed Louise that
kindness works, for any worthy goal.

In 1997 Louise started training in Aikido,
receiving the rank of shodan (black belt) in
2005.  Aikido has informed Louise's
horsemanship more than any other
discipline or disciple.  Aikido improves our
balance, posture, judgment, and values.  
As non-competitive martial artists, aikidoists
learn kinesthetically how to empower our
partners.  This skill transfers seamlessly from
the dojo to the arena.

L:ouise is a member of the San Benito
County Sheriff's Mounted Search and
Rescue Unit and team leader for the
Aromas division of the San Benito County
Large Animal Rescue Unit.  She is also an
active CASA, or Court-Appointed Special
Advocate.  CASAs mentor children who are
in the care of the court system because of
abuse and neglect.  Louise also has taught
the youth classes at Aikido of Los Gatos
since 2004.

Many people have suffered from our
current economic recession.  This means
that the time is right for horsemen and
women to seek out their own path that has
heart.  Everyone can practice
horsemanship with heart.  Your horse does
not care for expensive accessories, but he
waits for you to join him in the moment.  Go
to him!