Aikido Beginning/Intermediate
Ages 6-13

Aikido is a non-violent self-defense martial art from 20th-century Japan.  In aikido,
physical movements teach us that in harmony there is power.  At beginning levels
personal safety, concentration, and positive self-discipline are emphasized.  No
experience necessary.  This class is a good fit for children able to participate in a
structured group activity for one hour, without parental involvement. Please wear
loose comfortable clothing that covers your knees, or your dogi.  

Aikido Teens
Ages 12 and up

In addition to material in the Beginning/Intermediate class, the teen class explores
expanded defense techniques, ukeme (falling) techniques, techniques with the
wooden sword, staff, and knife, martial arts vocabulary, and real-life applications of
aikido principles.  Students of all levels train together and progress according to
individual needs.  All levels of physical ability are welcome, no experience is necessary.  
Not sure? Drop in and watch or try a class for free.  (You will need your parent to sign
the release form.)  Please wear loose comfortable clothing that covers your knees, or
your dogi.  Class meets Mondays 5-6:30 pm at the Community Room at Los Gatos High.

Aikido Kangeiko
Winter Camps for All Ages

“Kangeiko” means “cold training.”  In the heart of winter it is traditional to intensify our
Aikido practice.  All levels train together during this week-long camp.  Special activities
during camp may include: aikido games, weapons practice, outdoor training, LOTS of
personal attention, and guest instructors.  New students: be prepared for a big
welcome from advanced students from our regular classes.  Wear loose comfortable
clothing or your dogi.  Teen campers bring a drink and a snack for yourself every day.

For more information about all programs, contact Louise Alaniz at
Aikido Los Gatos Youth Course Descriptions